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February 1st Ariane and I started our great adventure for e-Learning for Kids. From that moment, we were responsible for the formation of Math World. Needless to say with the name ‘Math World’, but mathematics  is the first subject of the International Baccalaureate we want to develop. So on that particular morning, the first of February 2011, Ariane and I looked at each other and said “Let’s get going!”.

Pretty soon we discovered we had much more questions than answers. So the search began: a search for the way we would work as a duo – because we never had before;  a search for how to work with the volunteers; a search for how e-Learning for Kids is organized; but most of all a search for how we would develop 150 storyboard for Math World in 2011.

I think it took us almost whole February to get things sorted. We met the e-Learning for Kids team, which is a great team; we looked at storyboards that already had been developed; we made contact with all Math World volunteers; but most important: we made a plan!

In the past few weeks, our plan got more organized and we’re almost ready to get started! We’ve got a great team of volunteers to support us. They’re eager and ready to start developing storyboards. Ariane and I are also almost ready, we only need to dot some I’s.

Within a few weeks the development of 150 storyboards will start. It’s a great challenge to develop 150 math lessons in 9 months, but Ariane and I both know that – with the help of our wonderful volunteers -  we will make it. Not only because we want to make it, but because we need to make it for all the children in the world who haven’t have access to good quality primary education today.

Curious to see it happen? Then make sure you visit our blog again soon!

This blog is written by Jenna

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Shaking hands


2011 will be a year with a bit of a childish character. Figuratively, as well as in the most literally way of speech.

Nonprofit foundation e-Learning for Kids and TinQwise have joined hands to upscale educational needs for children world wide. Especially for those who have little or no access to education.

Situated in 190 countries, reaching over 2.0 million children EFK already developed fun and free learning on the Internet for many children. So why to shake hands with TinQwise? With their mind set to reach 20. million children by the year 2015, it is time for some extra measurements.

TinQwise has been asked to help realize this success. And with great enthusiasm we now make ourselves ready for this great adventure. Cause, as effortless as it seems for this simple replacement of the comma…this goal takes a lot of new business insights…

Learning is participation and active engagement. Learning is discovery. This project will be a discovery for us too. How to communicate with volunteers, technical programmers, teachers, children, contributors all around the world and still lead a structured project?

Experienced in developing e-Learning programs for (rather) large companies, mainly for those who already face or have a prosperous career, we are now heading towards an ambitious project. It will be a challenge to achieve this mission in an under-resourced internationally-planned education system… but the goal isn’t childish at all: In a couple of years, 20 million children have access to several e-Learning lessons which help pave their way to a successful and productive future. A future which is now too often just a dream that may never be fulfilled, potential that may never be realized. By offering fun and interactive lessons we are able to give children access to quality learning.

In our day to day business we believe that e-learning must only be used if it imparts added value. No doubt about it this will add a 20-million-reasons-value. Surely enough reasons to lay the foundation for growth, transformation, innovation, opportunity and equality.

We will put our shoulders to the wheel.

This post is written by Ariane

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